22 thoughts on “I Tried Amazon FBA With U.S.A. Suppliers”

  1. Thomas how many items have you tried? I am looking to do us shipping but there are hurdles. Shipping is far too slow and it makes me anxious that I release my first product and run out of product. Thanks for great advice brother.

  2. Our supplier is in the USA, but our products are probably an exception. Most products I've looked at sourcing from USA suppliers are not profitable like you were saying. Made in America is a selling point, but like you said, not enough to justify the insane production costs here domestically.

  3. Thanks Paul for the great video! I've been interested in if it's doable to source from the US for a long time. Now I know for the most part it isn't. Thanks again!

  4. What about sourcing from Mexico Paul, have you looked into that yet? I am just digging into this myself and researching Mexican sourcing agents. If I come up with anything I’ll let you know and if you do please make a video about it and let us know.

  5. Enjoyed this Paul. Your view seems balanced and it's rather sad with things like climate change that this is indeed the case. It would likely be the same for the UK.
    I find it assuming when I see posts such as 'buy British' across Facebook which is great but a bit of a fantasy. The same people would object to paying more, esp 3 times. Also American suppliers, I doubt, are interested in 200 test units of X product for the small players.. If they agreed, the margin wouldn't be there.
    Keep up the great value posts ?

  6. You are absolutely right. Finding US suppliers is not only difficult but so expensive that it's almost impossible to make any profit and for some reason It's difficult dealing with them!

  7. I’ve been sourcing, producing and selling products from the USA and mostly China for 27 years. I think your results and assumptions are largely accurate. For most products, with a few category exceptions, it’s far less expensive to source overseas. That’s the unfortunate truth.

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