41 thoughts on “I Tried Dropshipping on Amazon For a Week (Complete Beginner)”

  1. Thanks for this vid Joey, I just started two years ago and already crossed 150kmonth. However, lots of info is missing. I noticed everyone keeps the secrets for themselves, Your video is nice for beginners but that's all pretty much. I understood that after reading an eBook. No one is talking on how to outrank competitors properly (Which is one of the most important thing), how to gain traffic outside Amazon (Besides influencers marketing), how to do proper off site SEO to gain additional traffic etc…

  2. Hi there Amazon family, have a quick question for you all who are well versed in FBA space. What tools or how do you decide which ASINs to enroll in FBA? (Any help or resources would be greatly appreciated).

  3. Honestly if i can make what i currently make at my job then im happy.. i live in a small town and im not looking to become rich, i just wanna find a new job.

  4. Hi Joey Gaule, I just saw your video and I must say it's a very honest and genuine content. Thanks for posting this. I am also curious to see where you are now (2 years after starting this journey).

  5. So you got to go buy the cheaper product from the store yourself and ship it personally to the Amazon client ? or the store just ship it directly to the Amazon client ?

  6. Great video. I have begin appreciate videos were a drop shipping seller is about their experience because it does not only explain the potential risk factor for those want know the risk involve taking amazon but it also helps one who had similar screw ups when they had "jump in the drop shipping ocean" as a rookie and had felt alone in feeling a failure believing they are alone they in mistakes with the assumption other sellers do not screw up like they did. You video helps to insure that many sellers had survive their screw up periods and help learn from them and became more wiser sellers.

  7. Where do you buy the product though that’s where I am stuck on I have everything ready I just don’t know what to look for and where to get it

  8. Thank you for the info! I love that you were straight to the point and showed the reality of this business. Too many people on the internet using "educational" video as a way to brag about their earnings and they never actually teach you anything .

  9. I feel like there are always important technical steps that are looked over. you described how drop shipping works but you never described the technical details, like step-by-step tutorial. I still dont understand how to fulfil orders. Im sorry if this is a dumb question, but i just feel like im missing something and i watched this video twice. How do I give the shipping information to the merchant and have the item arrive to them in an amazon shipping box? how does this work?

  10. One thing I'm not getting when you said that you physically went to Walmart to get the item, and it was sold out, isn't the whole point of drop-shipping to not have to deal with inventory?
    Also, you never mentioned where you find these items to list, it would be helpful to know that as well. So basically you did the same thing as the other videos you mentioned you did not fully break it down but let me guess you got other videos I can watch to learn more, hence making you more money on views.

  11. you never explained. can you choose the quantity of the products you have so you don't ruin your reputation? ( if you run out of products)

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