27 thoughts on “I Tried The ECOM KING's Dropshipping Course and this happened”

  1. Should have learnt have to efficiently advertise on Tiktok and Facebook before using paid traffic,Ecom king also did a video on how to advertise effeciently
    I am just speaking my mind,No offence bruh

  2. "i added 30 day money back guarantee to build trust", but do you actually do that??? it seems you create 10 webshops and then delete them! how do you give 30 days money back then if the online shop is gone? LOL

  3. Have you checked out a guy called Jordan Messoud because I’m very worried about that guy he’s doing the same sort of things what other people are doing

    But he goes around to all the UK celebrities and get them to jump on their social media platform and explain that they are with him so he can explain what he does. Please check him out and tell me if he’s a fraud

  4. Brother, You have to know who your target audience is. Kids on tiktok don't care about these things. Women in their 30 are on facebook/instagram.

  5. Use google ads it’s people actually searching for you type of product rather than some random person that doesn’t care about it, it’s hard with tiktok ads bc it’s a cold market

  6. It's not ECOM KING's fault bro, even he himself said it takes time to find a winning product after failing multiple times. Some people spend months to find a winning product.

    I love and respect ECOM KING man, he inspired me alot❤

  7. Thanks for being honest, Kamil (TheEcomKing) is still the most kindest and legitimate in the dropshipping space regardless. Thanks for keeping it 100 though mikey, not everything will be a winner, I subbed you bro all the best! Yeah for a product like this typically its best to use facebook cuz a ton of boomers would buy this, the zoomers on tiktok will just scroll past items like these, its still a good product though

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