I’m Afraid to Play Ambient Guitar LIVE

The first Chords of Orion live performance? Yikes! I am afraid! Join me as I discuss why I’m afraid to play ambient guitar live.

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20 thoughts on “I’m Afraid to Play Ambient Guitar LIVE”

  1. I have a little panic a couple of nights before every gig, where I curse myself for agreeing to play. And after every gig I'm glad that I did play. The fear is necessary: it makes you prepare properly, which usually means that the gig goes just great!

  2. Interesting video Bill. After your channel introduced me to ambient guitar I played a small ambient set for a small music circle this weekend(using a Mooer GE200 I bought after your video). Playing things you know well is one thing but improvising ambient live is bit more stressful. Not as stressful as the first time I played publicly, to an audience of about 50 in Brazil, I spent the night in terror dreading my turn to play and coming so close to dropping out, but the buzz when it was over and went well was amazing, I have a rubbish handheld recording of it that I wouldn't swap for diamonds. Another time I just introduced myself and said 'this is really scary' and just acknowledging the fear made it diminish greatly.

  3. When I first started learning to play 20 years ago, I joined the school jazz band with a bunch of people that had been in band in some form or another for years. I couldn't read music or anything, and to complicate things, I joined to play a new instrument. It didn't take much for the other kids to ridicule me daily for being illiterate and not knowing bass. I think that early experience has always stayed with me. I've since played professionally in stage productions, semiprofessionally in local orchestras, and professionally in a rock band, but I still am terrified of playing for or with new people. I know the worst that can happen is they laugh at me, but deep down it haunts me and holds me back. All I can do is suck it up, but I wish I could get past this.

  4. A singer I know in his 70's, who has been performing since he was 14, still gets sick in the toilet before performing. He once said to me "When you stop worrying about performing live, is the time to stop."

  5. I have a great many fears surrounding performing music in front of other people. I have recently begun recording and releasing videos of songs I make up with a looper to just the audience of my Facebook friends. Its been helpful, but I still have significant issues sharing music in person.

  6. As a self thought musician, and one with basically zero formal training, my fear is embarrassing myself with more accomplished players. My band mates assure me I am a good bassist, but when my guitar player has had decades of jazz and other Musical instruction, it puts me in a place where I fear playing the wrong notes. I know they won’t care, but I still worry! And it holds me back.

  7. How'd the festival work out for you? I am afraid to even allow people to hear my music, aside from my wife. It's just too personal for me and almost lock up completely when it comes to recording guitar – even if there is no one around. 30 years of experience hasn't changed that one iota. Not sure I will ever be able to track my music out in this lifetime.

  8. I kind of know this. I have been playing guitar since 1968. Usually alone. And then a year ago I came across Drooble. It's kind of a musicians social network group where we can upload our music to be heard around the world. I joined in September of 2018, but wouldn't upload anything until a month or so later. I just knew I would be told "You need to quit music and go walk dogs or something". And I mostly make ambient music and not popular music. Thing is, I love to make the music I make. I've tried to do covers and there is nothing wrong with it, but it isn't what I mostly do. But there is a safety in recording here In my music room and uploading it to Drooble. I can go over and over the recording until it is as good as I can make it with my skills. Could I perform live? I don't know. What I do know is I wish I could be in the audience to hear you play live.

  9. I think it's natural to be "nervous". Once I play the first note it's gone. My entire reason to play guitar is to perform period. Any gift and talent I may posses aren't for me. "Myself". There for others. That's my only reason to buy a guitar or amp ect…. Or to play and practice. I visualize my performance everytime I pickup my guitar. I've had sound check after setting up for a show. Left to change and prepare nervous about having a good big crowd. Having that nervousness driving back to the venue still hoping for a great draw. Then having to park 6 blocks away and having trouble getting to the stage through a standing room only crowd. Having experienced the juxtaposition of performing for one bar tender and two waitresses I perform with just as much energy and excitement in either situation. When your reasons are about the passion of music and not about your personal feelings that's when it becomes magical.

  10. Oooh…no one does your soul-filled & divinely inspired swoon into a puddle of bliss music better than you!
    It's mesmerizingly beautiful!
    Lucky crowd you'll be feeding, Bill✨
    Just be yourself and enjoy it!
    WE sure will?

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