INSANE Amazon FBA Product Research Strategy That Found Me A Product In 5 Minutes! ✅

Work With Us Here ⚡️ This insane Amazon FBA product research strategy …

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23 thoughts on “INSANE Amazon FBA Product Research Strategy That Found Me A Product In 5 Minutes! ✅”

  1. great video – good learning. I am curious about the knee roller – it has moving parts and probably needs some assembly when its received by the buyer – is that a concern with this product?

  2. If you're looking for a 5 minute strategy, you failed already. This business isn't going to work out for you. My opinion as a 7 figure seller

  3. Hi Stephen, really interesting strategy. I'm new and very interested in becoming an FBA. I've watched the 1st video on how to start an FBA, but I need more direction and help. Can you help ?

  4. Hello! Im a member of the Marketplace SuperHeroes 🙂 In one of the lessons, Robert talks about looking under the TOP 100 best sellers list and finding BSR's limit 20,000. Is the new limit now 30,000?

  5. Great video! I looked up cricket accessories. And I was really surprised to see that there was not a single result related to the sport on the first page. :-O You have to be more specific when you're looking for Cricket related stuff.

  6. Hi stephen, today i looked at "Repelling Accessories" staying away from safety equipment. I admit had no idea what this was. The number looks good, 257, however the danger of this hobby has me second thoughts. I'm going to see what's in here different.

  7. Thanks Stephen ??, it was very good showing how to start from random product and end it up in something completely deferent and all the products in between, which I think helps a lot in finding a new products for your Amazon business.

  8. I also am having trouble finding any good product. The deeper I go down into the niches the more the numbers don't work. BSR is huge and not in range and search volume is low. Sales are low. I know you don't recommend designing your own products but I am a product designer in the home decor area and I am thinking of listing my new designs because there is nothing like them on Amazon. The issue is that there are no comparables so no data. Can you speak to that idea?

  9. Hello Stephen! Great stuff as usual but I'm bit confused to see that in some of your youtube videos you pick up products that have a price point way above the $30 dollars and in the course it is kind of our limit right? The other thing is the size of those product, in some other youtube videos you choose items (as examples) that are bigger than the 1meter limit from FBA? Don't get me wrong I think it is amazing to have more options but just wanted to have your feedback on this! Thank you so much

  10. Hi Stephen, just started watching you channel (subbed with notifications!)
    I like the multiple market idea, how do FBA fees vary when sending from 1 fulfilment centre to a different marketplace? Eg UK fulfilment for a French sale?

  11. Thanks Stephen, slowing learning how to navigate Amazon from a completely different (seller vs buyer) perspective. Perhaps a slightly unusual question: do you think it's possible to find and source ethical/sustainable products and still make a profit. I know it's the best of both right, but given it's an emerging market I wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks!

  12. Stephen, I am confused: in the basic training I understand you all to say not to go after any products that could endanger the user, have moving parts. The knee roller could endanger the user if it collapses, it has wheels that might not work correctly. Please clarify. Thank you!

  13. I’ve been trying the method you mention by segwaying from sponsored results on best seller products, but I always come up with too many clones or too much noise. I’ve been trying for weeks now and still haven’t found a product, any advice?

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