27 thoughts on “Is Amazon FBA Worth it in 2023?”

  1. Great video?..question about your product…did you sell only in US? If yes why didnt you sell in other markets like UK for example?

  2. Hello guys great video as always ?
    All my utility bills are under my landlords name and address.
    What I'm gonna do if amazon ask me to provide utility bills while opening the account?

  3. Welcome to 2023, hopefully a prosperous year for all.
    I have so many questions I have set up my Amazon central account (UK) a ltd company and tide business account, then the wheels have come off.
    Im torn on what platforms to start with USA or UK, I believe Europe is a larger market but it appears USA is easier to sell, any thoughts where to start? If it points towards the USA, how does somebody in the UK sell in USA.
    As a complete novice, what's best to start private label or wholesale?
    Any products not to sell or avoid?
    A very enthusiastic 51 year old looking for a carer & life change, any help would be greatly welcomed.

  4. Hi sir, are the world ( d*ick / boobs / butt ) allowed to be in the book cover ? and should i select the notebook as mature content in this case ?….thank u so much.

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  6. Thanks a lot Guys. Invaluable content.
    2 questions – how many hours a day you worked in the first 5 months, and the remaining part of the year?
    2. Did you ever need to add any capital during the year other than the first $5k?


  7. Wait wait,,,.. ✋.. Dear you both are far away from me to share a cup of tea or coffee , I means how gently and with lot perfection in your work, I earned more knowledge and steps to work effectively by your videos. Thank you so much for your free videos. Thanks

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