18 thoughts on “Its Official: The BEST Amazon Product Research Software”

  1. it's not for free, it's available only to professional sellers. But thank you for the tip anyway) it seems to be a more reliable source than other product research apps like helium and jungle scout. Have you tried comparing them actually?

  2. This is way too good to be true haha for how much people rave about H10 and JS. Both are still super valuable but the fact that Amazon has something like this embeded and no one talks about it….

  3. This is so smart. Thank you for highlighting it for us. It has been right under our nose the whole time. I have seen this before when inside Seller Central, but I never took the time to explore it. Thank you again for making a specific video on it, and please do some deep-dive videos on it, exploring the different ways to search.
    Maybe even do a video using Amazon's tool and pick a specific product with a good score. Then, take all that data (opportunity score, keywords, etc.) and compare to H10 and Jungle Scout. It would be interesting to see.

  4. I have wondered why no one seems to be doing videos on this as well. Would love to see more of them, the way we see so many on Helium 10.

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