Kitchen Faucet Divas REAL AMAZON AFFILIATE Site – Informational Article for Niche

I tell you about the good and bad stuff on this informational post on this niche website. 16+ examples of Amazon Affiliate niche …

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7 thoughts on “Kitchen Faucet Divas REAL AMAZON AFFILIATE Site – Informational Article for Niche”

  1. Hey doug, thanks for the amazing content! I 'm learning a lot from it. A question just popped up in my mind: I have 0 experience in niche sites. I started doing kw research, and, say i want to rank for "best point and shoot camera under 200". kw research tools (LTP & kwfinder) are telling me that it is "not easy" to rank for, and when looking at the DA/PA – TF/CF numbers of the related SERP, i make the same conclusion. Yet when viewed from the KGR method perspective: monthly search volume is 1600 (keywordkeg's data), and the number of allintitle results is 127 which means a sweet KGR of 0.079. Baah 😀 I'm getting confused a little bit 😀

  2. Doug, would you be willing to give a private tear-down of an affiliate site of mine? I'm still working to make it the best it can be, but I would highly value something like this from you. Just let me know what you would like in return and you've got it.

  3. Short is cool, but I'd like to see more advanced SEO analysis — like, what truly makes a site like this rank. Brief onsite, and more offsite (backlink) review.

  4. Thanks for the review Doug! So, I guess what's even more important about these sites, is do they get traffic and have backlinks? Wouldn't providing that information quickly in the review help determine how good it is? Isn't that the real proof if the site is effective and makes money? I've been looking for similar sites per niche, and usually there's 1 or 2 in the top 20, among amazon, walmart, bestreviews type websites, and a lot are similar in quality to what you are showing here, so they must be ranking somehow even though the content is not great.

  5. Doug,
    Thanks for the site audit.

    I agree these informational articles are missing the mark. They need to be longer for sure.

    1. Should be at least 1000 words
    2. Internal links to other related posts (dofollow, open in the same window). I would think 2-3 internal links to allow for natural navigation for visitors. May minimize bounce rate since visitor will not be using the back button.
    3. Outbound links to authority sites (dofollow, open in a different window). A normal site would have links to other sites. they could have linked to EPA very easily on the first page.
    4. Could add an image or video, if relevant. I try to have the feature image as a lifestyle image and several images within each post. It all depends on if its an informational or product review.


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