Kole Imports WARNING – Watch This BEFORE You Buy – Negative Review

Kole Imports is a company where you can buy items in bulk. It’s especially useful for retail sellers. I myself have an Etsy shop and …

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6 thoughts on “Kole Imports WARNING – Watch This BEFORE You Buy – Negative Review”

  1. Something like that happened to me. I bought some items from them and I paid for FBA prep. as additional service. They told me they can't offer FBA service. I told them it's ok, just ignore the FBA prep service and just ship the items to FBA Fullfilment center. They said "sorry you have to place again your order without selecting FBA prep service". I said "Ok. So, just give me the refund for my first order so that I can order again, without selecting prep service". It was in May, 2020. Untill today (07/20/2021) I didn't hear from them anymore. I sent them ton of emails, asking for refund. Guess what?.. No answers anymore. I lost my money and my time.

  2. I wished I would have gone to BBB Website as well. I am still waiting for shipment. I am going to contact BBB in regards to my shipment. They haven't responded to my calls or emails either. What a terrible company. How can they still be in business??

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