34 thoughts on “Let Me Explain….”

  1. Manmanman.. Next weeks vid; fractional share of 0.05$ Metazoo singles..? How the mighty have fallen.. And are send to auction..

    But yeh, I also gotta do something about some of my slabs. Probably also going to do some kind of 'mystery' random slab for cheap to offload some CGC 9 and 9.5 stuff that isn't selling. I promised myself to never sell anything that way, but if I just make it clear what the buyer can expect from the random card I can probably live with myself and offload some stuff that would otherwise sit for a while. Auctioning stuff isn't terrible either if you are in the US, but EU eBay is gross and it hurts lol, tried some auctions for feedback, but man it was rough.

  2. Ya in the end if you have buy it now listings that don't sell and you keep lowering them at some point it just feels nice to auction it, often get about what its supposed to go for sometimes more usually a little less but its sold and you can get new stuff hopefully more liquid.

  3. You are not a liar, you are being smart. One must look at data and adjust, no strategy stays constant through time, in finance, we call them Market Regimes. When there is another boom, then go back to what work before. Thanks for posting, will take a look at your auctions. Cheers.

  4. some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

  5. You’re crazy for having free shipping on some of them in my opinion. At least the MetaZoo cgc 9 and below, I’m scared you might end up being negative on those sales but I hope not ?

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