22 thoughts on “Might Be CONFUSING | Behind the Scenes | Whatnot Sale”

  1. You could always do sort of broad themed sales to make it easier! Glass sale, pottery sale, a scratch and dent sale, a figurine sale, etc! This way you don’t have to go buy such specific things and can sell what you have!

  2. I hope your little one's ok. My daughter had a swollen knee that turned out to be lyme disease that the doctors refused to test for 9 months prior when I suspected it and their waiting around almost cost her her life! (insurance companies sway doctors from doing the $5 test that helps save lives)go figure!

  3. Maybe look at what you have in inventory (blue vases, highball glasses, canisters, owls, etc.) and come up with a WNS theme that way? Then you don’t have to do extra work looking for items for a certain WNS theme and you can sell your current inventory. ?

  4. I think u are a wise owl ?, but sometimes don't take your own advice. Do the themed sales monthly or bi monthly if u have enough stock in the shop to warrent it. That way less work for u and more impact for the theme. You are doing a fab job, enjoy the moment. ❤

  5. Don’t forget July 9th is the day of the big post office changes where you have to go in and manually change a bunch of your listings. eBay put out a detailed list of what has to be changed manually so it’s worth checking out. Also, there may be a way to bulk edit however they did not give instructions for that attached to their announcement.

  6. Themed sales are fun I try every other month to have one themed just for fun and then my others are mixed so I use up current inventory and also get to hunt for a specific sale ❤

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