MOZA Racing KS Wheel [REVIEW] Attention grabbing price and features!

MOZA Racing The KS is compatible with the Moza wheelbases, plus 3rd party …

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11 thoughts on “MOZA Racing KS Wheel [REVIEW] Attention grabbing price and features!”

  1. Have you tried this on the R5? I see the wheel is lighter than the original ES wheel. So I am thinking this should feel pretty decent on the lower torque base. Would love to know your thoughts.

  2. I'd been looking for quite some time for a cost effective formula type wheel with clutch paddles. I've ordered this wheel to pair with my Cammus base due to the fact that it'll work with the universal hub, and not ecosystem bound like other brands.Also appears the Moza QR may work with the Cammus base without any changes, which would be another win. Can't wait for it to arrive.

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