My Epic Comic Book Investment FAIL: This Silver Age Grail Has been ? RESTORED ?!

In last week’s Mail Call I unboxed this copy of Showcase 22, the mega-key first appearance of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern from …

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17 thoughts on “My Epic Comic Book Investment FAIL: This Silver Age Grail Has been ? RESTORED ?!”

  1. Hey Dr. Paul,
    Glad to hear you’ve started the refund process. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on that trim. I almost bought a MS5 that looked like a 9.0 candidate, the seller was honest enough to tell me it was trimmed…a trimmed book is the worst type of restoration IMO. Great video as always, keep them coming!

  2. There is very little than I hate more than restored comics, coins, toys, etc. Just stop people. You're literally making matters worse. Not to mention it seems to be done, Usually , out of greed, and to decieve, as stated in the video. Just leave the books alone, unless you are pressing and cleaning.

  3. I've bought a lot on eBay… It all seems good till it isn't… eBay will sometimes just screw you out of the blue… I've had it happen at least a half dozen times… Beware!

  4. Dear Dr Paul, I’m sorry to see this happening but eBay provides good protection for buyers as you’ve stated. Hopefully it will get resolved amicably. I’ve had my share of eBay books that weren’t as described and had no issues returning or negotiating lowering the price. Nothing as outrageous as your case though. Also, I once sold a Golden Age Superboy that had a missing page that I didn’t notice and had stated that the book was complete. When the buyer contacted me, I was so embarrassed that I asked him to keep it and sent him a complete refund. He was so appreciative that about a month later I received a check from him in the mail for half of what he ended up selling it for. It was bitter sweet and shows you that eBayers, by and large, are honest people. All the best with resolving this issue. Will stay tuned.

  5. I super appreciate your practical approach towards sellers and putting yourself in their shoes. If only society thought about the human being on the other side of the computer more often.

  6. This is one of my favorite videos so far. You give great advice about giving the benefit of the doubt and (if purchased off eBay) as long as you can contact the seller within 30 days of receiving the book everything should be A-OK. I’ve had to contact sellers twice in the past few months, always with a polite tone and picture evidence. Both times the result was as you described, a deep apology with a steep partial discount offer or acceptance of a return.

    In your case, i wouldn’t worry about the ghosting of your message (as it seems you are not). Whether intentional or not, eBay will likely make this right and worrying about the seller’s intention will not have any emotional benefit.

    Some restorations I hadn’t noticed until months or years after a purchase. Those books I’ve had to swallow the loss on and when I choose to sell will be disclosing the restoration. Now I understand the importance or scrutiny within days of receiving a valuable book. One of those books I am still unsure about is my GSXM1 which I purchased in person but cannot contact. Now that I am more knowledgeable in detecting and recognizing different forms of restoration I am afraid that this one may have been re-glossed. Since I don’t have any other re-glossed books I can compare it to I have my doubts and can’t be sure. Regardless it leaves me feeling a bit unsatisfied with my purchase and will continue to bother me until I am convinced otherwise.
    One again, Dr. Paul, thanks you for the valuable information delivered in an entertaining way!

  7. Educational video, thanks. Hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction. I did originally think it was pretty sus that a book of that caliber wasn't slabbed prior to sale…

  8. I got a Batman 179 that was in nice condition and sent it in to have graded. It came back at a 7.0 but with a purple label. I was bummed. Seems I missed a couple of small spots of green color touch on The Riddlers costume. Lesson learned.
    I got it for a good price so I didn’t do anything, but it left a bad taste for sure.

  9. I bought a strange tales 101 from eBay and received it. It was trimmed. The seller reluctantly gave me a refund and said that he didn’t have to disclose it since I should have seen it from the pics. I got my money back and he relisted it still not disclosing the trimming. Unfortunately some other person bought it and he left the seller good feedback- buyer didn’t catch it. Oh well…

  10. Sorry to hear about this, Dr. Paul. Hopefully your return is processed quickly and without hassle by eBay. While I will purchase a raw book on occasion for grading, I am increasingly only purchasing graded books for my PC to avoid situations like this.

  11. I’m sorry to hear this. But I sympathize I just went through this with a what I believed to be a high-grade tales from the crypt book. I purchase it out of Canada. Once I got it and I put the ultraviolet light on it, I saw archival tape holding the spine together. It was very disappointing. The owner was on vacation for two weeks and then I had to go to work at my job for two weeks so eBay almost canceled the whole transaction for the return, because we came up to the 30 days. Fortunately, we got it in on the last day and eBay stepped in and return my money and the seller was very cooperative.

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