17 thoughts on “Exact System For Flipping Items From Ebay”

  1. Instead of talking 15 minutes about it. It would be better to spend 5 minutes to show a short video of the process. Or just a few products which potentially can make money. Then people will be more interested in how does it work

  2. Yes ups all the way then usps second. FedEx is a absolute monster! I use to buy printers for $2 from a thrift store and shipped at least 50 printers a week sometimes more. I probably got $2k from FedEx claims so I quit using them, and if your wondering how I got so many for $2 each I told them my dad had a insurance business and he sent printers to his workers at homes ?. But hey it worked.

    Great video! I’m going to try and do some guessing later on your method lol. I do have 1 question. So if I ship my items to Amazon will it rank higher then me shipping from my house? (Like I’m assuming they will see it as Amazon prime if I send it to Amazon.)

  3. What is the perfect size box to ship books to Amazon? Do you have to ship to the locations that Accelerlist tells you to or can you ship to just one location?

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