17 thoughts on “My First Week of Selling on Amazon FBA – The Honest Results”

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  2. Is eBay good for beginners or do you recommend me using a different source for selling? And instead of making my own product is buying and reselling a useful way of revenue? I see some people using websites like Alibaba, Ali express and stores like Walmart or Dollar Tree. And then they go and resell it on sites like eBay or amazon.

  3. You are uploading way more videos, that is gonna be a reason for you are losing a subscriber. as well as, I’ve watched a video other day , in that video you said that your not gonna sell Your Nutbutter anymore !,???‍♂️
    come on buddy what is your point ?

  4. Appreciate the breakdown of costs!!! People love to just talk about the sales but never go through the profit because it often doesn't sound as impressive (even though it's what matters the most). Love the honest content Travis!!

  5. $1,835 is still $46/HR if you'd be working an 40 hour normal work week and heck most people work 60 hours now, so even better.

    Also, anxiety sucks. That restaurant analogy hit home. Spending money is no problem, but WASTING money is one the worst feelings I can have.

  6. Awesome video Travis and congrats on the success! Do you have a video on how you grew your Facebook launch group? Did you run paid ads at all on IG or FB to get that audience? Thanks again for the knowledge bomb!

  7. Ive been watching your videos for awhile and you helped inspire me to finally launch my products on amazon. I bought your cacao nut butter and love it! Left my amazon review. Keep up the great work!

  8. I like the idea of your packets but the top sellers are also including 10oz bottles. I wonder if you adding bottles would help you increase your sales and rankings.

  9. Completely agree with you Travis! Selling on Amazon is still a great way to grow a business today. Many people online spread lots of negativity around it, but most of it comes from people who are too scared to try, or who have tried and gave up too soon. As long as you are adding value by being different and providing your customers with what they are looking for, you can do a great job!

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