23 thoughts on “New Amazon FBA Product Research Tutorial 2022”

  1. Hi. Like you videos. Tell me please how can I find first product and then search it up for further details?
    And another question when I check the product on Amazon app it’s says O new & used from: $0.00. What does it mean?

  2. Hey I watched the webinar but no one answered my comments and questions. I feel like all the comments and answers were staged and then I was presented an offer to pay $297 for more info… ?

  3. Awesome video, Mo! Thanks for the tips. I'm definitely going to grab Seller Amp. Can you let me know which video you have that talks about how to ship your first product to Amazon FBA? And, how to find out what a new seller is qualified to sell? Thank you.

  4. Hey Mo !! Love your channel so much !! My mom actually introduced me to it and you and your hubby are so inspiring !! 2 questions !! Could you make a video where you actually show the steps after you find that product on Seller AM, then posting something that you want to sell to your amazing account ?? Last question, when you find that product like the mens pads, and see you can get it at Walgreens and target, you said that you can go pick it up and ship it, but that would only be for 1 sale, so my question is how would you keep selling those as your stock, or each sale would you go and physically get one and ship it FBA ?? Sorry if that’s confusing, but just trying to understand !!

  5. This is an amazing tutorial. I have not tried Seller Amp because I feel like I don't know what I'm looking for/doing. Thank you so much for making this video.

  6. Has FBA Warehouses ever "lost" your product? I have a whole box that they say they never received and "closed" their investigation. The tracking tells me that they did receive the box. They also lost 3 items of the second box. I'm nervous to send anything else until I can figure out what to do to dispute this and ultimately avoid this in future. Thoughts?

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