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18 thoughts on “New Etsy Product & Keyword Research Tool 100% free [EtsyHunt Tutorial] – Improve Your”

  1. I have a paid subscription to Etsy Hunt. I can say that it is an inaccurate tool, only the numbers are somewhat close… I have lists that mention that they have sold and in front of me are 0 sales ? and some sellers appear to have sold a lot, but in the tool you feel that they are poor

  2. From Venezuela it seems like a dream to access these programs for it sometimes there are joint purchases or groups of people who agree to acquire a payment plan.

    Will they know of any?

  3. Hi hope you're doing fine.i want to know that i am trying to use chromo extension of alura tool but it does not allow me to proceed without connecting shop but i does not have shop yet is there any other way so that i can use that extension

  4. I really really like this extension. There are a few amazon extension like this out there. I think this extension is fantastic. It is just what Etsy sellers need. But, I want to understand a little more how the extension pulling the numbers. If it's not pulling the past 7days then what numbers is it pulling? Is it pulling the numbers the day before, like when does the 7days start and end?

  5. The numbers. They're not accurate. I used my store to fact checked the '7days' and 'total sales' (using the extension) and the numbers are not correct. I used my friend's shop to fact check the numbers too and they are also not correct using the extension. But, rating, total shop sales seems to be fine.

  6. Hello! Your review is very helpful, I've used the site yesterday, however today, I keep on getting 504 gateway timeout error when using the SEO Keyword tool. There is no support channel posted on the website. Do you guys know how to contact the Etsyhunt team?

  7. "Dr. Seuss designs and quotes are not in the public domain and cannot be used on products for sale without written permission from Dr. Seuss Enterprises".
    You can NOT sell the Grinch without permission.
    Do not teach people to steal products.

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