New Product Research Tool to Avoid Saturated Niches on Amazon FBA with AMZScout for

I’ll share with you a brand new product research tool from AMZScout that helps determine if a product niche is saturated to help …

amazon product research

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  2. Crescent, First of all, I thank you, as many others have, for the excellent content with your videos. I'm analytical, I presume you are as well, and enjoy the knowing underlying mechanisms of the 'how and why' things work. My question is about product research. When you enter a product, that you found on JS, into Amazon search box, then run the JS app on that niche, the results are presented in order of page rank, I believe.

    It seems rational, and perhaps valuable, to reorder the listing according to amount of monthly revenue, from high to low, in order to see how the more successful listing are performing. It seems that this would present ones true toughest competitors in a more easy-to-see format. And wouldn't we want to those specific listingS… the top sellers by 'revenue' and not top sellers by 'listing order'?

    I appreciate your feedback.

  3. Professional always. Btw I just love your intros, i think you nail them the best, you pique my curiosity, you present yourself and go right to business explaining things clearly and respectfully to your audience. No shouting, no blingbling, no weird gesturing or appearance, no arrogance and the like, just plain intelligent conversation.. I always look forward to your videos and often review the older ones too. I also think you attract a level-headed, intelligent and serious audience-subscribers. Thank-you for taking the time to be nothing less than professional.

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