Old Fart Dad Plays 12-String | Son Plays P-Bass!

My son Nate came to help me clean the basement, but stayed to jam! Check out some sweet Reverend Airwave 12-string guitar …

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24 thoughts on “Old Fart Dad Plays 12-String | Son Plays P-Bass!”

  1. I’m a bass player who, plays guitar, go figure my son became a bass player who also plays guitar, only way better than me on both accounts. It has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of our life together and is the source of many many hours of conversation on the phone these days. We have played together on many occasions, and he even took over my blues/rock gig when I got out of the band. Of course he asked if he could borrow all my gear to do it. Never been so glad to loan out my equipment!

  2. What a special moment! My daughter is 6 and out of the 4, she is the only one so into music. She is currently taking violin lessons. This Christmas she will get her first pedal!! Can’t wait!

  3. Hi I'm a multi instrumentalist & composer from England, have done a few feature films and shorts so far and quite a prolific artist.
    I love your channel, tips on ambient FX, recording , reviews, gear, opinions. You're a very down to earth dude, humble, and knowledgeable, and I appreciate your experience, perspectives, passions. I've recently incorporated volume swell / violining into a piece in open G, I use ebow a lot (even on the scores, but also in a band I play/ session in,). I've always liked ambient music since I were a kid in the 80s,probably starting with John Martyn's Small Hours from the one world album.
    Many thanks. Shall continue to follow you. All the best

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