Pipe Welding: How To Get A Real Deal On A Lincoln SA 200 Pipeliner

Buying a welder is one thing.

Buying a good used welder right (at the right price) is an art every welder should know about. Sure, it is great fun to buy a new rig and run. If you have money to burn, go for it. If you think spending one or three thousand more than you have to isn’t your idea of fun, read on.

Check out leasing companies who have lease returns.

Google “equipment leasing companies” and call them. Ask them who handles their returns. This is probably the toughest method in this article, but you can buy $18,000 in welding equipment for as little as $5,000 if you can get your nose under the tent.

Find the bigger towing yards in your area.

All kinds of things get towed including welding rigs. Let’s say it’s a DUI and the rig is impounded. The system charges so much for that impounded rig, it doesn’t take long and the welder throws up his hands. The rig goes to lien sale. If you have your ear in the right spot, you can pick up an amazing deal. This is also a great way to buy a good truck or car.

Let the world know what you want.

Everyone is programmed to look at for sale ads when they are searching for something to buy. Turn that upside down and run “WELDER WANTED 4 CASH TODAY” ads on Craig’s List. Renew every 48 hours. Borrow the accounts of a couple of friends and post in any area you would consider driving to, to take a look.

Taking your time is the key with the wanted ads. You will get results, but it may take a while. You’ll be glad you waited. In many cases, you’ll be the only one going to look because your ad woke them up to thinking about selling grandpa’s Pipeliner.

Determine value before you go look.

Let’s say you’re trying to determine what a 1980 Pipeliner is worth. eBay is a semi-wholesale market, so think of the prices as the low side. Here are the steps to get the right pricing:

Step # 1:

Go to eBay and enter “Pipeliner.” Next, hit the drop down list on the upper right and select highest prices. On the left scroll down until you find “Completed Items” and select that. This will give you the sold welders in green. ONLY the prices in green mean anything. Anyone can ask any amount of money for anything. When a sale is completed – that’s when true value is established.

Step # 2:

Now that you have an idea of what the Pipeliner you’re going to go look at is worth, determine ahead of time what your maximum offer will be.


It is best to go prepared with some tools, jumpers, rod, helmet glove and test metal. A welder that doesn’t run may be a real bargain or it may end up being no fun. If you buy a non-runner, be a tough negotiator, so if it needs a lot of work, you won’t be hurting too bad.

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