33 thoughts on “Print On Demand vs. Dropshipping vs. Amazon FBA: Which is Best?”

  1. I'm new to Shopify but have experience with passive and active print on demand and as I was watching this video I realized that I had to send a request to get my order fulfilled in the Shopify app!!! I'm so used to print on demand that I thought the fulfillment would automatically be taken care of so now I should give the customer free stuff to keep them happy.

  2. Hey Greg. It sounds so simple, but instead of so many people crushing it, we are being crushed (including me). Do you offer one-on-one coaching or a review of a business? Been really trying to implement your ideas but striking out and ready to throw in the towel. Maybe you could easily see where I'm going wrong… ??

  3. Hello Greg. Great video, they always are. I have one question. I uploaded some designs to Teepublic but they don´t show ANYWHERE in the search results page. Also ,in their FAQ section the say literaly: "Please note–not all designs may make it in the homepage search results, but they will all have a home in your store. :)".So.¿Is there anything I can do to make sure muy designs appear in the search results page?

  4. Please, I have a question that I did not find an answer to in the videos
    Do I work in only one niche for shirts, or a group of niches, how many, and how many shirts are expected for each niche ?

  5. Question: I was thinking about starting in the print on demand business with different designs and something I wanted to ask you is if you think as a good strategy for someone who just start making offers like selling a t-shirt and mug with the same logo as a combo and offering something like a special discount code for someone who promotes it on instagram? Could you make a video talking about this kind of business strategies?

  6. I enjoy watching your videos. The tutorials are step by step and easy to follow.

    My question: I want to start POD but don't know how to set up my “business”. How do I protect myself and file taxes in the United States? Should I become a Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company or something else. How do you keep track of taxable income and can I deduct expenses like subscriptions for services?

  7. Hi Greg.l really appreciate your content(l am subscribed) and l have a quick question could l use my payoneer accaunt on print on demand business? Pleas answer my question

  8. I dropshipped briefly but didn't like it. I also did Amazon FBA. I made fairly decent money the 6-8 months I did it but it was a lot of work. I did this while living in my van ?. Amazon increased the fees 4 times – which meant working more to make the same money (this was back in 2016). I was spending a lot of time in stores/public places/etc finding products to sell… and… I was getting more and more ill and had to quit. I have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). Public places can be very toxic to me (I'm not normal). Admittedly, I shouldn't have been doing FBA in the first place but sometimes I have a brain fart and think I'm normal ??. Compared to dropshipping and FBA… POD is easier, MCS-safe, doesn't take up room in the van and less stressful ?

  9. A dropshipper needs money upfront to buy from the distributor the merchandise that a customer orders, if your shop is on the marketplace. The money that that customer pays is in the custody of the marketplace until the customer receives the merchandise.

  10. Good video. Thanks. For the next time you might want to go a bit more in depth on certain things, like how many hours can you expect to work on each business and how would that be over time, like how passive can it become. Are they evergreen. And how much can you expect to earn in the short and long term.
    Other interesting video ideas: Start working together with other content creators and people who do online businesses. You've got enough subscribers to reach out to other creators and business owners who do well. E.g. a podcast or discussion kind of a video with one or two other persons who might have like a dropshipping business and a FBA business and then discuss everything more in detail. That might even be longer video formats where you record the whole meeting.

  11. Greg I love your videos and I really want to try pod but just feel that my products will be competing with literally tens of thousands of similar ones. Most Niches are heavily saturated with competing sellers and trying to get to the first or second page almost impossible. Please how can I do this?

  12. Thank you so much for this! Can you please share the best way to promote Merch by Amazon and print on demand in general. I uploaded lots of designs and my next step is to promote??

  13. Thank you Jeff that was good clarification of each business model. Can you do a video and print on T-shirts verses A logo with print and which one generally do you feel is more effective. Thanks Jeff

  14. Someone help :'( I can't get approved by Merch by Amazon no matter what I do. I've tried multiple times, worded perfectly, they still decline me. I've seen many here say they got through on the first attempt in just a couple days. For someone that got through, can you tell me what you did or the things you mentioned? I'm thinking maybe it's because my location isn't in the US? idk at this point. I'd reapply and change that input and see if anything goes different, but would really like any advice

  15. Hi Greg, I very recently started POD. I’ve been thinking about for a while and now I’ve started, and it feels great! I just wanted a little clarity on the strategy. Will I be relying on advertising from the POD sites to help people find my shirts or am I relying on people finding the designs on their own when they go to the POD sites? I’ve used Merch. Informer to find “A” niches, but sometimes hundreds of thousands of designs pull up for those “A” niches on RedBubble. Do I need to find “A” niches which have fewer designs currently on the POD sites? I hope my question makes sense. Thanks for your great content!

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