Product Manager BEHAVIORAL Interviews: Leadership & Drive

For product manager interviews at Google, Facebook, Amazon or any tech or FAANG company, you’ll get behavioral questions …

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10 thoughts on “Product Manager BEHAVIORAL Interviews: Leadership & Drive”

  1. This is extremely helpful content Dianna. Thanks a million for this!
    The 5 things you've asked us to do after watching this video is exactly what I needed, as I was clueless how to prepare for a managerial interview round.

  2. How to dramatize what happened?

    First skeleton and then add the following flesh items.

    Add emotional details across all details of the story ( makes people care what happens ) ( use words like dread, hope, upset, disappointed, ecstatic )

    Include details of what people say or do or felt or underwent ( more specific you can make the story -> more people can visualise -> makes people care even more )

  3. Few question that I face a lot is " Tell me about a time you made a mistake " , " Tell me about a time when you had to influence someone with / without data " , " Tell me about your most challenging project "

  4. What I hate about these questions is how unremarkable these examples are in the totality of our career. I don't keep and store "conflict resolution" scenarios in my head. So I just make them up in interviews. Ultimately not serving anyone any real purpose.

  5. I can’t thank you enough for all of your tips and for you taking the time to teach and prepare me for the FB interviews! I’m so excited to say that I got a FB offer and I certainly credit it to you.

    Thank you for your personal sessions with me and creating relevant and real content that can’t be copied. I love your authenticity and your passion to help others excel.

  6. Hey Dianna, outstanding content as always, thank you very much! Can you please help with these behavioral questions – "Can you tell about a time when you failed as a product manager" and "Can you tell about a time when you made a mistake"? Thanks in advance.

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