25 thoughts on “REAL COST of Amazon FBA in 2022 | AMAZON FBA”

  1. What if all the people making these videos are Bezos's minions telling everyone to start Amazon businesses, but everyone who actually starts a business fails & loses money. Then eventually you yourself become a minion trying to make your money back through YouTube views & FBA courses & its just one big recycled circle of failed businesses & FBA YouTube videos/courses. Meanwhile Bezos is a billionaire making money off your failure because…..best believe, Amazon make money no matter what in this scenario.

  2. Farida how come you don’t mention storage fees also deducted?
    And all the extra fees they charge if you have Amazon do packaging, label, etc

  3. Farida I have no access anymore to the course I bought, I only went to a few lessons and now it says I have to upgrade for almost 500 bucks more. It’s unbelievable. I’m thinking that this is a REAL scam. I’m not getting any response when I email your support email, and it looks like it’s nos even a real account. I need my money back!!!

  4. Hello farida hopefully everything is working out for you I love your YouTube videos they are fantastic I was thinking about joining your FBA Academy this week before the 25th will you show people how to get approved with the Amazon Seller Central account is that how you're able to sell on Amazon?

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