12 thoughts on “Repricing Strategies for Amazon FBA Sellers”

  1. I like repriceit but I can't get it to work fully. I set all my items at $222 so I could use it to bring them down but it only grabbed like 13 out of 300. Can't find what's up anywhere

  2. Bryan Young made a couple of videos about RepriceIt several months back, and he said he was getting good results just using one template and Intelligent Repricing. I've tried that and it just sends prices all over the place without any rhyme or reason that I can discern.

  3. Thanks Manny! I've written a lengthy response, but I hope you'll review it! If you or others could chime in, I know it will add value for those,like me, who want to get started, but are still on the fence due to a lack of strategy.

    As you said, I've been dragging my heels on this. I think it would be well worth the money and time to set up. However, I feel daunted by a few unknowns. I have a relatively small inventory of 200 or so books, none of which have an identifier for a repricer to pick up on in their SKUs. Would this mean I have to add all my current inventory individually at first? Then, going forward, I'm not sure what identifiers to use, or at what point to apply them. I use Accelerlist and use a SKU template generator, so they get auto-created. Would I then have to add an identifier to each SKU as I list? Then comes the strategy on what the identifier should be. I would think you would want to set up different repricing rules based on the sales rank, or possibly unique situations like textbooks. So how do you know what identifier to use? For example, I thought about marking 1‐500k ranks with "_LOW", 500k‐1000k with "_MID", and 1000k+ as "_HIGH". Perhaps lack of familiarity with how Repriceit works is an issue hear and I'm overthinking all this… Thanks for all your help!

  4. I Have had as much as 500-2000 active sku's at a time. I have never used a repricer but also I believe that I can not reprice manually well enough to optimize my sell though manually with more than 500-700 units. I recently went though a large sell off of inventory from 1700 down to 500 units. A fire sale to sell off dead or dying books before I had to dispose of them but sadly I had to dispose of about 300 over the last 3 months. With the reduced inventory I would like to greatly improve my sell through as I keep sending in inventory and keep a lower inventory so it is manageable. If that means no selling my items at the peek price so be it I want the quick nickel on most of my items but some long tails I would hold out on.

  5. Ha – after 2 years in the biz (1600 active skus)- I just started using RepriceIt yesterday. Previously I was only repricing my higher-priced books once per month. I have already seen a bump in sales volume (one day's sales increase paid for the monthly cost). I am hoping that it will also improve my IPI and move me deeper into the green.

  6. I use Repriceit also. Waited about 6 months before starting. I currently do 9x a day with 5 templates base on time in inventory. I've been playing around seeing different affects, and now I'm turning off the repricer for a couple of days and seeing what differences in sales volume it's having. thanks

  7. Great thanks Manny i use repriceit not having much success in as getting more sales out i have tried a few tweaks on the repricer to see how it goes.. i have been up in arms on scheduling and so happy you did this video i am going to try using your suggestion. So every hour. And see how that goes. Since using the repricer only have like 5 sales i dod better without it and i was not updating anything lol..

  8. I reprice every 2 weeks. Got like 700 listings. Thinking about a repricer. Even 700 listings takes too long to reprice. Would probably lose some money, but would make it up with the time.

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