29 thoughts on “REVEALING The Amazon FBA Elites 2.0 Course! (2019/2020 Course Update + Launch +”

  1. I have so much desire to be a part of the course. Watching all the videos on your channel gives me so much energy and the way you deliver the information is so inspirational. One day!??

  2. Hey Dylan, just came across this video as i was actually looking for another video of yours. Not too sure if you’re still running this giveaway or not. I am without doubt one of the biggest procrastinators ever. I keep going to start something and I always put it back for xyz reason. However, I’ve been challenged by my parents to either put up or shut up. I’ve told them that I will put up and shut them up. The reason why I want to do amazon FBA is because of my daughter, she’s my driving force in the reason why i want to do this more so than my parent’s challenge.

  3. My reason for wanting to join the FBA Elite Academy is that I am currently stuck in a job that I feel so demoralised by. I’m lecturing and having to work long hours, I have two young children and would love to be more present for them rather than working long hours. It would make such a difference to our lives. I know I would work hard at this, having completed a doctorate myself in the past but would value the support ever so much! Thank you

  4. Hey Dylan! Looks like a beast of a course, I’ve pondered on trying amazon fba for months and months (way to long), I’ve been looking for a way to make money online to boost my income and run alongside my woodworking business. It almost seems to good to be true and that’s probably why I’ve never taken the plunge. Anyway love your videos and it’s probably about time I took a stab at it. Hopefully I’ll get on your course soon! Keep up the awesome work! ?✌?

  5. Great video love your work. I have been looking for a UK Amazon fba course. Was going to do the nine university. But think I would get more benefit from a UK course.
    I like you honesty and would love the opportunity to do the course. I have dyslexia and have not let this stop me . Look forward to becoming a Amazon fba seller.
    Thank you . And keep up the good work . Ian

  6. After also leaving a career in teaching i've been watching your videos for the good part of a year now, wanting to take the plunge and see if Amazon FBA can provide the financial, location and time freedom I so desperately want. Unfortunately financial limitations keep putting things on hold. I have my? for a scholarship place to give me the kickstart I need in 2020!

  7. Hi Dylan. I've just watched your previous video and truth be told I have fallen into the trap of not, "Executing and taking action", which was your second point. I have procrastinated and delayed. My fears are that I will lose the money that I have saved to start my first product. But I am aware that with any venture it's a calculated risk. I have watched your course videos and the content is in my opinion fantastic. I think adherence to the course will minimise the risk completely and like you say, vision without action is merely a dream. You've just given me some much needed positive energy. So for that and the new added content to the course, I thank you so much. Hopefully, buy you a drink one day fella.

  8. Great content Dylan. We all have to start somewhere. Knowledge is key, there's only so much you can learn from YouTube videos. Winning a place on the academy will kickstart my journey sooner. Looking forward to 2020 and working with you in the future!

  9. Hi Dylan, Haven't forgotten this or let it fade. It is still in the front of my mind and every time I consume your content it reasures me a little more that I am heading down the right path for me. Would love a place on the Elite training as a prize, what a way to start my journey. Wishing you and your students all the best and look forward to being amongst them very soon. preferably as a prize winner 🙂

  10. Hey Dylan, congratulations on the course update and ongoing success – it’s been great following your journey here/on Instagram. I’d really like to start my own in 2020 and would love to win a place in your Academy. Fingers crossed!

  11. Hi Dylan, this Amazon fba 2.0 course looks awesome! Im keeping my fingers crossed to hopefully be one of the lucky ones that gets picked! This could give me the kickstart i need, instead of just sitting on the fence and thinking about it all the time! Passive income is my goal in life and your knowledge and expertise in this course could hopefully get me one step closer! Also the helium 10 and jungle scout plan giveaway could really help a lot for me as im trying to save up to start the business.

  12. Hi Dylan, I wish you and your students good luck with your course, I unfortunately couldn't afford your course and had to get one from someone else so that I could start studying whilst I save up to get started on a first product.
    I've been watching your videos pretty much for a couple of years and by the time I was close to saving up for your course the price unfortunately went up as you were adding more content all the time, it is what it is.
    Anyway here's my comment to bump up the numbers a bit so at least someone will get the free course.

    Good luck guys.

  13. Hey Dylan, would love to start ur course coz it looks frickin amazing ! Other than that ive been wanting 2 start th amazon fba model for ages. Looking 4 a break. With th right guidance . If this ws the apprentice/dragonsden , u can bank on me to b ur protege ; i will cut th mustard ??

  14. Hi Dylan, been watching your videos for a while now and love your content. I’ve been thinking of starting an FBA business, but never had the courage to take the plunge. I would love to join your course to get your guidance and finally give me the push I need to start this exciting business adventure!

  15. Hi Dylan, I have entered your previous give away and am still hopeful of winning a place in your elite academy. I am really struggling to understand PPC and the data provided in seller central and would really appreciate your support and the support of other students in my quest to become a successful FBA seller. Keeping fingers crossed as ever !!! Thanks

  16. I’m in my final year of university and don’t know where my future is going to take me. I have watched all your amazon FBA videos and would love to join your course and discover more about amazon FBA.

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