40 thoughts on “Scout IQ vs. The Amazon Seller App – Best App for Scanning Books for Complete”

  1. Good video! 🙂 We are having issues with the profitability of our books. Scout IQ is saying books are profitable while the amazon app is saying that same book is not profitable. Could you shed some light on this? Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi there! thanks for this video 🙂 I am going to start selling on amazon just like your mother (she is so cute – I love to see you with her!) I am 63 years old – I have been a teacher since I was 22 years old – time for a change with all this madness in the world going on – I am also taking care of my loving 88 year old LOVING father since my beautiful mother went to be with the Lord 4 years ago. I have bee selling a bit on poshmark, ebay, and mercari for a couple years and I feel ready for Amazon! Planning to start scanning some books today with the amazon seller app – is the ScoutIQ still a good app to scan items in the event that I decide to go a bit faster in the near future? Thanks for your videos! I watched 3 yesterday – AWESOME CONTENT 🙂

  3. Hey Steve I tried to sign up on Amazon seller,it's 39.99 a month plus seller fees.Scout Iq is the same.The scoutly app I think gives one 100 free scans then it's a monthly fee of 9.95

  4. I want out sourcing books for my first time recently. I used the Amazon Seller app and purchased a bunch of books. I just subscribed to Scout IQ and scanned the same books and the information is different. The sales ranks are very different to what the Seller app has and based on Scout IQ I bought a bunch of nothing. Anyone able to clarify what I done wrong?

  5. Hi,Steve. I wanted to tria to use the Scout IQ but,I did not fine a tutorial about this. So many people taking about this. But,no body teach step by step how to use it.If you can make a video tutorial. Thanks

  6. I'm still a newish seller and not up to 50 books a month.. yet.. but trying Scout IQ anyway because books on Amazon seem to be the only thing that's selling with any regularity for me right now. I just need more volume and a better way to figure out if a book is worth picking up. So far I really like it and it's been eye opening.

  7. Thank you. Just had a guy on FB blast me for using my phone. I referenced this video. I'm a month in, don't want to spend more than I make, especially since I'm doing this to pay down debt. I know where im going. I know I'll get there. I'll get all the bells and whistles eventually, but I love that even you say that starting out with the app and phone are okay. Building as we can is okay. You are awesome. Thank you.

  8. Hi guys I found the book “Lambs of men ISBN 978-1934081273” and my ScoutIQ profit was $420.57 and I checked in Amazon and the prices are between $500.00-750.00… is this correct or there is a mistake? I think is too expensive!
    I’m new in this, please help me.

  9. Thank you for the video Steve! I appreciate it! I am going to eBay open but am not a You Tuber lol. I have been watching you from the very beginning and just remember wanting to learn from you that I was staying up until 2 am watching your videos lol. I have been selling on eBay full time for almost 4 years now and love it! You've been a tremendous inspiration to me over the years and I hope to meet you at eBay open. ?

  10. Started out with pro account and got way in over my head. I am back down to “free” account. My OT at work is insane keeps going up and up. My ❤️ is in the flip! I am having a learning curve with the scanner (due to time) but great quality for the price! It’s in the back of my head that amazon is like she didn’t make the test?AmazonSeller hunger games?

  11. You need a professional account to link to apps like Scoutly and ScoutIQ. Also, the amount of money I wasted making mistakes using the Amazon app could have easily paid for Scoutly or ScoutIQ. Plus, you have free trials with both, so you have time to sell books before you're hit with the first fees.

  12. Scout IQ says you need a PROFESSIONAL Amazon account, and not a individual account. Total sum for both is nearing $80 per month before you’ve sold the first book. Seems very pricey for a beginner. Or Am I missing something?

  13. Damnit, I really need to get a smartphone so I can start scanning books. I was at GW this afternoon at just the right time, because they were trucking out 2 full carts of books, and I was thinking to myself, "I am probably missing out on a couple of hundred dollar bills because I don't have the tools. I did pick out some that looked like money makers. I pulled a Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, and looked it up, and it was going for about 50 bucks on Ebay. I also pulled a 3 book set of cybersecurity/ hacking text books, and looked them up, and the same set I had went from about $70 TO $100 on Ebay,,so I grabbed them. I guess I need to get with the program.. I am missing out on so much money because I am without a smartphone, which costs money!!

  14. Scoutly beats them both, hands down. Scoutly has Days w/Sales, which is the exact same thing as eScore. Scoutly has all three legs of a complete tripod–current rank, days w/sales, AND average rank. ScoutIQ only has two legs of the tripod–eScore and Current Rank. Why would you use a tripod with a missing leg?

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