Sell your Amazon FBA products on Etsy using multi channel fulfillment

In this video, I will show you how I get 10% extra sales for free by listing my products for sale on Etsy. I don’t even have to do any …

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13 thoughts on “Sell your Amazon FBA products on Etsy using multi channel fulfillment”

  1. So basically, you can sell the same items you already sell on Amazon FBA to Amazon Prime Customers, but to now Etsy Customers, and have Amazon FBA warehouses drop ship the Etsy orders? This if BRILLIANT!!!!!

  2. Hi Teddy, Thank you for doing this video :), do you have any tips/ videos on how to get your product ranking well on Amazon. So customers can find your products when your just NEW is amazon? Any help would be greatly appreciated ?

  3. I have one order for four different items that are set up to ship mcf. So far two have been shipped in two usps shipments. How do I put the multiple shipment fulfillment trackings in Etsy for this one order?

  4. Many thanks for a very informative video. I have a bit of a naïve question – is there no way to automate this? I mean it is manageable for several sales a day, but after about 15-20 it might become a bit unwieldly on a recurring daily basis. It is always a manual process per order?

  5. Here's my question I've been watching these videos and by different people..what no one is saying is how to get your Amazon products? Do I buy those and send in to Amazon for FBA storage or what do I do??

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