3 thoughts on “Seller Feedback Removal Tips in 2023”

  1. So I downgraded my Amazon seller acct from pro to individual a couple days ago and today I can't login to my acct. I get an error message saying I don't have permission to access the page. What the crap?! I listed some books on Sunday & can't login today to print my shipping label. All vids tell about stuff to do once in your acct but not what to do if you can't even login. Any help would be awesome! Thanks

  2. One thing I notice working is to wait like half a year and try opening a case again. Always try to put it in the way that it is related to Amazon Service if it's mentioned in the review(feedback) like dirty packaging, came in looks like used, or bad customer support…

  3. first like and comment ?
    i just encounter the same and marked it as (product review) as a general case in most of condition and it got remove within an hour.
    let me know who else faces the same issue here ?‍♂

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