SellerAmp Tutorial | How To Use SellerAmp For Amazon FBA Sourcing Product Research

n this video I show you a full tutorial on SellerAmp SAS and how to use it to source online arbitrage products for beginners, step by …

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30 thoughts on “SellerAmp Tutorial | How To Use SellerAmp For Amazon FBA Sourcing Product Research”

  1. Hi Miles, I just need a little clarification about when an item is Private Label, can I sell it or should I stay away from it if SAS indicates PL? I find a lot of items when I'm sourcing that state I'm elig., no IPs but then it says "few sellers may indicate PL" and need to know if ok to list still. I'm a newbie btw. Thanks and keep the great vids coming.

  2. Miles, what does it mean on the Offers section when it shows -0- quantity for different sellers? Does that mean their stock has not fully processed at the warehouse??

  3. Hey Miles, just starting up in the UK, a little confused about the additional costs. If I'm not VAT registered, does anything go in the Misc fee? If I'm to average prep fees here instead, how do I work this out? Thanks

  4. Appreciate the attempt, but you don’t even explain how you’re moving the window around…you’re just recording yourself using the program. Definitely NOT a tutorial. Thanks anyway.

  5. See! I was gonna request this video. Already ahead of me! I'm on u… Do you have a video of your book keeping and inventory methods

  6. Hi, great tutorial, subbing. Question, why does my "Eligible" tab always say "no"? Apparently, I'm listed by SA restricted on everything, even though I'm not restricted on anything in Seller Central.

  7. Hi Miles, I have been using the free version of SAS and comparing this to BBP one of the function BBP have is the sales per month and it breaks it down by each month tells you exactly how many sold. Is there something similar on SAS?

  8. So, on the seller amp pricing page, I have a question.
    What's the difference between having 3 phone apps and 5 chrome extensions to the just 1 phone app and 2 chrome extensions?

  9. Hi Miles! Looking to sign up for SellerAmp, currently doing FBA Canada only. Will all the SellerAmp info be for CDN market or USA? Or, is it expected I would be shipping/selling to USA using a prep centre?

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