Shopify Dropshipping Australia – How To Get Faster Shipping From Aliexpress

Very important info on how to get faster shipping times for your product. Hope this helps you on your dropshipping journey.

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10 thoughts on “Shopify Dropshipping Australia – How To Get Faster Shipping From Aliexpress”

  1. This doesn't work for most of the products in Aliexpress. Because most of the item that I look doesn't even have Australian warehouse, when they do the price increased by 3-5x more which makes it not appealing anymore for dropshipping.

  2. Shipping from Ali Ex has been extremely delayed (7 weeks still waiting) but products we've brought in from CJ Dropshopping has been only 2 weeks. Of course Covid is causing issues with shipping. Great video.

  3. Hi, Jack. I am planning to open a Shopify store, just wondering do I need to apply for an ABN when I first start an online business in Australia? And if yes, when is the best time should we start registering it? Thanks

  4. When I’ve found the product I want from ali express, do I contact the supplier first or just order he product straight from that page? Also sorry for asking so many questions here, believe me if I wasn’t broke and 14 i’d buy your course ?

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