Shopify Dropshipping Until I find Success | EXPOSING GURUS! (WEEK 8)

Alright guys, I am still on the lookout for a couple products that I want to test organically on tiktok and on instagram reels.

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5 thoughts on “Shopify Dropshipping Until I find Success | EXPOSING GURUS! (WEEK 8)”

  1. So i love the confidence and determination you have for being successful, one thing id like to point out.. i dont think you have been using creative products so far all the products ive seen have been very “basic” and not game changing. I also feel your ads have been kinda lacking all the ads ive seen you make dont seem to have a soul to them.. what i mean by this is that it just seems very generic. I know your time is valuable and making great content can be time consuming, however i feel if you put just 40% more effort into making eye catching ads and find a product that is game changing and not easy to find almost anywhere you will have way more success. Good luck out there brother im routing for you and have been loving following along on your journey!

    Side note – you should read the book Cashvertising by Drew Whitman its all about how to sell things, and he is releasing a new book feb 10th of a part 2 call Cashvertising Online which will be fully about online business and selling

  2. You see, the problem about these gurus is they already have all these experiences and they have ran a bunch of stores already, so by showing beginners how much they making and them we get hit by realty, it doesn’t mean you will 100% fail but it means we need to put in mind that we will fail a lot to actually see success a little bit

  3. I've heard that ecommerce shop owners should focus more on SEO in comparison to paid ads. An optimized strategy with low competition keywords can organically promote your shop on Google. I saw a statistic that said a whopping 92% of people start with Google when they online shop. I thought this was super interesting. I also think TikTok is a goldmine. Free reels essentially. If one of the videos you shoot blows up, BOOM! Your store will see some success. That's what I'm trying for at the current moment.

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