24 thoughts on “Shopify – How To Make Your First Dropshipping Sales.”

  1. you the only brother on youtube to get so much positive feedback with no racial slurs, trolls, negative backlash, insults or anything…..how the hell you do it…

  2. Thanks for the tips. I develop WooCommerce sites all day everyday for clients, but it hasn't come to me until just recently that I need to do this for myself.

    Smiles. Thanks Again!

  3. of all the channels I've watched, yours has definitely helped me build more confidence! I tried to open an eBay store over 10years ago and failed miserably. now I'm 30 and a mom, and ready to try again. I wish I'd known about these techniques back then!

  4. rite on bro! continue to shine and share the blessings! You've encouraged me alot bro…if possible and not too busy i'd enjoy the opportunity to actually learn from u one on one through email or however, seriously get bac to me

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