Shopify sales tax setup for stress-free compliance | Walk-through guide

“How to setup Shopify sales tax for stress-free compliance. This video takes you through how to setup Shopify sales tax settings.

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  1. I used to sell on eBay tin the earlier time, sometimes I sold items to foreign countries and had no clue how to collect sales tax or how to report it. My hobby biz die all because I had no business knowledge. Thank you so much for the info, I will do well next time.

  2. Hi mate, great vid. Qq: i am located in Germany – that is the address of my Shopify store – but I only sell to the US. I will pay German income tax but since i don’t have a US address i will not pay tax in the US. Therefore, i should not change tax in my store. Is that correct?

  3. This is a great video but collecting sales tax is a beast. It seems as though our country doesn't want us to make money because they make it so confusing. It's so overwhelming that it makes me just not want to do it. Sales tax really sucks. Thank you for the video though. Wish I could hire you to do the work for me. Haha.

  4. As a new seller how does this all work with the Nexus rules? I know you don’t pay tax on the first X number of sales or $ amounts to each state, so how do you work with that?

  5. Hi there,

    I am just starting my Shopify dropshipping store from the Uk, and the idea is to sell to various countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. What are the things I need to make sure I do so I don't get unexpected mail through the post?

  6. I want to set up my shopify store in panama but sell my dropshipping products in the USA. How do I go about doing that regarding usa taxes

  7. Hi I live in Greece where we have a tax called income tax that is different to the products' tax do you know if my income tax is automatically paid by shopify keeping a small amount of my income except for the products tax

  8. I'm just getting started on this journey, so maybe you will answer this, but Shopify is telling me which states I may need to collect tax from based on orders. I've integrated my Amazon store into Shopify. So it's seeing Amazon orders as well as Shopify orders. Amazon pays these taxes for me. I don't want Shopify to double collect but I understand about economic nexus. So my question is: if I set up a state to collect taxes based on Shopify telling me I need to, then it will only collect taxes on Shopify orders, correct?

  9. im sooo confused I started my store with Etsy I only make a few sales on that, However I just switched to shopify can someone please tell me what i need and to register for taxes in Mississippi. Im sooo lost and I need help Do i even need to register yet if I havn't made any money or is there a set amount I have to make first please help me im new to this!!!!!!

  10. I am setting up my Shopify for business and connecting it to my business Instagram and Facebook page. After I submitted my Bank info, I received an error " Tax verification is unavailable" I went to settings and enabled tax for my product. Then, I tried again and it's giving me another flag saying something went wrong. It's not giving me any direction. Please help! ??

  11. i am totally confused ?, in my case i live in Germany and i sell to USA, Canada, UK my settings right now are :
    all prices include tax, so is this correct or no? that means that consumers pay extra money when they receive the product?? please help ??? thank you!

  12. Do I need to add all 50 states for Shopify to collect sales tax? Or do I only need to add my nexus states so that Shopify can automatically calculate the sales tax for each order? Do I need to register my business in every state before collecting sales tax?

  13. Awesome Video, One thing I am curious about, is does Shopify allow for export of sales for my accountant for each quarter so he can do my taxes or is there a 3rd party app I need or how does that work?

  14. Thank you so much for your video!
    I have a question though. If my small e-commerce business (sole proprietorship) is registered in Florida but I live in Oahu Hawaii 6 MONTHS out of the year, do I have to register my business there too in order to do sales (shipping) from there too? Thanks xx

  15. Thank you so much for this video! Definitely subscribed, you have amazing information. Quick question though, I am based in the US but I just started getting a lot of traction on my Shopify store .I wanna make sure I'm doing the right thing you know haha so both fullfilment and purchases are done in South Africa. I am just the owner. Do I charge taxes based on south african tax guidelines or based on USA guidelines

  16. HI there. I live in Nevada and use Printify with my Shopify store. For all of the sales I have, Printify adds that customer’s tax to my costs so it seems that they’re taking care of it for me. But I’m not sure how to set up Shopify sales tax so that my customers have that sales tax added to their purchase. I have my sales tax collection started in Nevada. How do I start collecting taxes in all other states?

  17. Thank you so much for this awesome and brief video, yet it covered so much. I am based in Botswana, however I intend to sell to the US market. I am using Modalyst for my supplier services. How do I apply for a tax permit being a non citizen and non US based individual? I have issues again with my location settings, it has my home country address by default how do i go about this one?

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