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  1. Great review! Have a quick question. I am in the process of starting up a clothing business myself but I am stuck right now regarding on which company I should use to do the printing and order fulfillment duties and operations. I have researched Merchify, Printful, Print Aura, TeeLaunch, and a couple others and they all have mixed reviews. So if you have any experience with any of those companies or have any you could recommend I would greatly appreciate that.
    Also if anyone is interested in checking out what i have so far for my clothing you can do so here http://www.instagram.com/wearekre8ive

  2. Great stuff, Otto! I've been in Internet Retail for over 10 years and I've witnessed the progression/evolution of retail websites over the years. What you can do w/ Shopify (today) for such a tiny investment is INSANE! You couldn't imagine this stuff (at these prices) just 7 years ago…

    We have a team of expensive techies (@ 7 folks) who have built the website we use (at work) and they add functionality on a regular/daily basis. But, these days w/ Shopify, you can have a very nice website (working from home) for so little – and you can have some amazing functionality via apps. that would take our techie team – weeks/months to build. Shopify is awesome and keeps getting better (I used them 4 years ago and I can see how much better they are, even today).

    Also, the Shopify Blog is FANTASTIC about being successful at online business, in general, and I HIGHLY recommend you get on their business emailing list – they send great, educational, real world success stories on a regular basis… Basically, very valuable FREE information on how to be successful… Do yourself a favor – JOIN THAT LIST! Best, most informative entrepreneurial emails I've EVER received and I'm on A LOT of business email lists.

    I'm gonna start a new Shopify store w/in a month and I'll utilize your link, Otto. Thanks!

  3. great video loving the info/tips and energy your truly getting me exited for stuff i never new existed i wanna do this but need to speak with you first i just have some questions for you man your truly blessed and need some more insight on this stuff and would truly appreciate it ok brother god bless

  4. Hello otto, I have been trying to start up my dropshipping store but I have run into a potential problem. I was recently told by another dropshipping youtuber that suppliers would not agree to let me sell their product unless I already had a website and was selling items, problem is i'm completely new to dropshipping and I have the license and a target group of suppliers but no website yet cause I have no products to sell. So what comes first the chicken or the egg? Do I set up the site with no inventory just to please suppliers that I'm legit or do I try to convince them to partner with me without a site at the moment. Any advice?

  5. Hi! I started with dropshipping recently, and I'm succefully sold few items. It was over ebay, and now our money is being held for 21 days by paypal, but we need to use that money to purchase items and send them to our customers. So my question is to you, is there any possible way to skip, or shorten 21 day waiting period? Thank you.

  6. I'm about to start my own drop shipping business yet I'm confused on a couple of things, I don't understand how the business debit card works.  When a customer pays you the money why does the wholesaler charge the business credit card?  When they charge the credit card are they taking the customers money or charging you? and if they are taking the customers money don't you have to pay the credit card bill out of your pocket?  I'm just so confused about how that works

  7. Hey Otto I am a boy from Norway
    I have purchased a license to SaleHoo
    I have received many tips from there but
    I do not get posted some Advertise on ebay or amazong
    I have invested about 64USD on SaleHoo and 54USD on ebay and it had been fine to earn some money on my investment.
    If you have any time to help me and it would have been great
    Have a nice day

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