22 thoughts on “SHOPIFY vs. WIX: Which Is The Better eCommerce Platform?”

  1. Most of the functionality that won Shopify this review is developed by third parties, but Shopify is still taking credit lol.

  2. It taught me some things, but as a wix user thinking about Shopify, I noticed that this was a very biased video, trying to promote their store in a method to make their competitor look bad. Try to improve your videos Shopify

  3. Iam unable to understand how to control that shopify in mobile…littrelly at first time iam confused and i opened alott inactive accounts in shopify..could you please help me how to clear it ..?

  4. tried both and wix worked a lot better for me cause i could actually drag and drop things on the website builder where as with shopify you cant and have to stick with the limited themes they give you.

  5. Ive always loved Sopify BUT since Shopify has decided to 'slap' a 2% fee on 3rd party payments (I mean what makes Shopify think they deserve 2% of a payment they're not processing! GOUGING!!!). I'm certainly looking to migrate off Shopify, as I can see on Reddit many others are too…

  6. Hi! For starters can I use Shopify only for content management (blog) and portfolio (main corporate website)? Maybe they'll want the ecommerce in the future.

  7. In pricing u said the lowest plan for wix is 35$ but that's the highest one…. And not a business plan either…. And priority customer service means you literally be getting VIP treatment. It's not a step DOWN. It's a step UP. Great video nonetheless! Thanks!

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