SIMPLE Amazon FBA Product Research Technique That Found Me A $28,000/Month Product In

Amazon FBA Ungating Guide (Get Ungated Using Distributors): Software And Services I Use In My …

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13 thoughts on “SIMPLE Amazon FBA Product Research Technique That Found Me A $28,000/Month Product In”

  1. Hey, @garret would the FBA wizard course work for a UK FBA seller? Also, I noticed 20%Vat being added, is that correct I thought only tangible goods had the misfortune of VAT? Gotta ask but, the course of a lot of money when your not making any 🙁

  2. Man I have to tell you that I love your videos. I’m going to join your Facebook group. I’m part of a much bigger group but it sounds like you will be able to help me much more. I have one product it’s highly competitive and I’m basically breaking even. Thanks!!

  3. I am just starting out with this whole selling thing and it seems promising. Couple questions, when you want to do a private label for Amazon, how do you do that, I already have a sellers account. Also, when you order from Alibaba, do you have that sent to you or does it get shipped to amazon, how does all of that exactly work?
    Thank you for your time and great videos!

  4. I've been researching all forms of selling on Amazon FBA. This video has caused me to lean towards private label even though, I'm a beginner with very little knowledge about selling on Amazon. My question is, would you recommend using AliExpress initially in order to be able to purchase smaller quantities up front?

  5. Hey dude! been watching your channel for quite some time now. I've only been selling on amazon for 2 months and have made close to 8k in revenue. My excel sheet says I'm profiting close to $3k. My question to you is (and it's okay if you don't answer), what ROI were you looking for when you first started? Do you advertise on social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit) and have you ever used Tactical Arbitrage?

    Strongly considering buying your course. I'm in the Air Force and realized after two months of doing retail arbitrage is its less stressful then the military and I make more money lol

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