Step by Step Guide to Making Money with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

In this video I give you a step by step guide to make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing, enjoy! Need help getting started? 1.

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28 thoughts on “Step by Step Guide to Making Money with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing”

  1. With this method you wouldn't capture their emails to build your email list though right? Is there a way you could do this where you grab their email and then send them to the affiliate product? Would that require an additional step in the funnel between your landing page and the affiliate page? Thanks!

  2. You will be banned fast for re-posting tiktok videos. I lost 2 accounts that way. I don't know how, but pinterest can detect tiktok videos and 1000s of people are doing this method

  3. Professional and very smart project!
    But how can we be safe with the copyright of the uploaded video?
    If you have mentioned this problem with another video on your channel,
    I would like to know the link to watch it!

  4. The repetitive music in the background was so annoying…loud too…it was hard to concentrate on your advise, so only managed to watch half of it…sorry mate! Will have to watch another one of yours WITHOUT NOISE/MUSIC…😢

  5. For anyone asking no this isn't copyright infringement… The way things are these days is if you upload something to the internet, consider it fair game. Anyone doing this should absolutely credit the creator though, which wasn't mentioned.

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