Stop Using AliExpress! Here Are 13 Alternatives For Dropshipping And Wholesale

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17 thoughts on “Stop Using AliExpress! Here Are 13 Alternatives For Dropshipping And Wholesale”

  1. I been using Ali express for years and never ever had a problem with them and even if I do get problems Ali always refund me wintin 48hours ?

  2. It would be worth mentioning that Spocket is loaded with middle men. Though it may be faster to ship from a stockist in NA or EU it is still the same QA issues as Ali.

  3. You should do another alternative list naming wholesale suppliers from Europe Australia & UK. Many of the alternatives are China & American based which is understandable as you reside in America. I'm sure you have subscribers worldwide.

  4. AliExpress and Alibaba are cancer. In fact, Chinese business tactics are absolute shit. I hate what they do with Amazon, I hate their "But you ordered product X from our company. Sure it has defects and the stats on it were tested in such a way that technically qualified as meeting expectations but don't perform the way they're supposed to and sure, the electronic plugs we manufactured caught fire and burned your house down and sure the item fell apart a couple weeks after you started using it due to absolute garbage materials; but you did buy it so that's on you. Oops! I guess we forgot to tell you that the support we offer doesn't actually exist and because we're so far away in another country, you won't really be able to do anything about getting your money back. But on the plus side, at least our product will give you a "happy life". Next time you buy, you buy straight from us again and not through middle man who we have to make better product for because they have minimum standards we are held to. No buy through middle man, buy direct from manufacturer".

    I really wish companies like Amazon et al would have a "buy by country" so we can get away from this China shit 'cause I'm fucking tired of that fucking country's manufacturers that sell absolute garbage and then flood the shit out of the distributor's web page with all their multiple business names in an attempt to corral everyone into funneling money into the Chinese market.

    At least with a middle man that might use China to manufacture their stuff, you get better quality and reduce all the underhanded shenanigans since said middle man has Quality Control standards that the manufacturer HAS to abide by, else they lose the business of said middle man.

    And then there's the buying out of youtube "reviewers" to push their garbage products…..

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