16 thoughts on “The BIGGEST LIE Of Shopify Dropshipping That You're FALLING FOR…”

  1. I just found you today and I’m happy. I have like a niche store that sells stuff about like neck massager and other related stuff. Is it possible to turn it into a real business?
    Edit: please answer

  2. What if your immersed in a niche that is very hard to compete in? My personal niche, the one im most knowledgable about, is full of people who look for the cheapest product and the entire community is already used to waiting on china for cloned or similar items. Theres no real way to whitelabel and compete, and dropshipping most of the cutomers will probably order direct…. Should I look for another niche, or should i buckle down and figure out how to disrupt the current one?

  3. Totally agree. If you are jumping on trends, it’s impossible to form an audience of super targeted buyers for single niche that will buy your products. Thanks for the value as always Pete 🙂

  4. All big companies understand the importance of market research and invest billions every year to understand customers better. If you are not in your niche willing do constantly do market research – you are competing with smne who does

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