The DARK SIDE of Selling on Amazon FBA- (My BIGGEST Lessons Learned)

It isn’t all profits and sunshine when it comes to selling on Amazon FBA! The dark side reveals the truth… that there are A TON of …

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16 thoughts on “The DARK SIDE of Selling on Amazon FBA- (My BIGGEST Lessons Learned)”

  1. Hi Cassandra…i really like your videos… but question for you…. can I open my Amazon seller account with debit card instead credit? … some people say no others say yes so if you can help me I'll appreciate it … thanks ?

  2. Please make a full video on Private label , and also tell us your story
    how many FBA PL products you doing , how much you did invest and how much you make ,
    and also show peoples that what s the good criteria to find private label product .
    and i would like to get your whatsapp number if possible

  3. Could you give me a quick checklist to do amz wholesale with Profit Guru? I am located in Europe and I can’t prep my own products. I was intending to found an llc and get comfortable with amazon seller central and then using your tool to find wholesalers, open accounts and sell products for profit. Do you have any good tips?

  4. Question. I about to get a business bank account and I was intending on updating that info. Do u know what caused ur account to be locked? Should I wait since Im only 2 mos old in Amazon or call them and tell them 1st? I mean dang why say u can update it, when they lock u out, I also wanted to change my name for DBA and bank reasons now Im scared that will lock me out as well.. ?

  5. I have the price tank issue i just started a product i picked up sold for £28 I’ve sent it in last week and they received today i checked the listing and new listing about 4 or 5 are all lower than me and eachother

  6. Thanks so much you’re very clear and don’t hold nothing.
    Can you make a video how to do a shipment and label with amazon without paid tools I just don’t have the money to buy a bunch of tools yet?

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