37 thoughts on “The First 5 THINGS You Should Purchase in GTA Online! (2022)”

  1. Ik heists gives you a lot of money but the problem is nobody will let you in if your below level 50. So the best thing for new players to get is a ceo office, an agency if you got a starter pack, and nightclub so you can purchase useful vehicle's to help you with mission's.

  2. just a note i have noticed personally as i started playing again….if you are given access to it the "duke of death" is a good option for armored car as well and is totally free

  3. Just grind 2x money minigames if you actually want to have fun while making money, then buy the kosatka and do the preps for cayo perico. After that's done look up the cayo perico no prep glitch on youtube and just keep repeating it over and over. Each time you do it you get around 1.3 million

  4. I know I will never buy shark cards again I bought a 20$ shark card and 5 then I bought submarine. Then I did all heist by myself 1.8million. Bought the helicopter and now I’m waiting to do heist I will grind this forever

  5. I remember when I started playing gta in 2019 ceo office was broken and easily the best business. You could sell cars for 100k getting 80k every vehicle and I would always grind with my cousin so I could do 2 cars at once. Those were the good old days though, nowadays buying anything costs about $2 million so cayo perico heist and weekly bonus businesses are really the best

  6. I am fairly new to the gta unlike my cousin who played for 7 years since he was a kid having 5 Billion cash

    I am very new to the game since I don’t know all the main missions I should do what to buy and which buisness to use

    For now as the moment I type I have the cheapest clubhouse in the city Meth thingy the cheapest which is located up in the wastelands. And lastly I’m almost done getting the acid lab from Dax I don’t really have any good vehicles but I’ll follow this guide and do them before progressing hard I’ll just do missions like life and death bike of Dax missions

  7. I would buy the arm oppressor Marktwo first, and then buy the car that you were talking about and then by the workshop though and then by other shop and then that’s all

  8. Agency or kostaka has to be on there the missions are easy and they have massive pay puts with the benefits of being able to run them solo it's how I make most of my money at the minute but swapping from cayo perico to the Dr Dre and then back again

  9. 1st thing nightclub because there is a glitch I know where you can get 20000 every minute or so. Just turn on passive mode then enter the nightclub, kick out the target then exit the nightclub, re enter with passive mode on the repeat as much as you want I make about 150000 to 200000 every ten mins or so.
    It gives you about 1000 xp each time. Plus every 48 minutes you get 50000 in the safe.

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