The Highest Paying Tech Jobs WITHOUT Coding (INSANE SALARIES)

Today we talk about non-coding tech jobs that pay over six figures and these salaries ARE INSANE. People think the Highest …

amazon product researcher salary

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37 thoughts on “The Highest Paying Tech Jobs WITHOUT Coding (INSANE SALARIES)”

  1. Lol Data Scientist is basically a software engineer with statistics knowledge. As someone who works in the field of data, Data Scientist should not be on this list. No programming required πŸ˜‚

  2. #2 – Product manager – While product managers do make good money, these jobs are harder to get without actual tech experience, but it's not impossible. The thing is, there's no "formula" for getting a job like this.
    #1 – Tech sales – From what I've found, companies usually hire good looking people to do sales. My wife's good friend does big pharma sales and she's thin with long hair and 5'11". We all know if we turn heads or not when we walk in a room and if you don't, you're going to have a harder time getting past the first round of interviews.

  3. These types of jobs require luck and skills that most people do not have. Being a doctor guranteees people a six figure income, but you should not become a doctor for the money. Even with the debt you still will be ahead of most of your peers. If you become a neurosurgeon you can make million dollars a year.

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