11 thoughts on “The True Cost of Dropshipping Success in 2020”

  1. Вот я тоже прошел кучу курсов по дропу и амазону. И никак не могу рискнуть начать. Потому что есть бизнес который забирает все время и энергию и приносит бабло. Но я не хочу им заниматься. И так продолжается больше года. У меня английский уже лет 18 на уровне носителя. Я поражаюсь твоей уверенности в себе. Как ты оказался в Майами с ecom лидерами. Тут в натуре full dedication нужен

  2. Love your video man

    You're a blessing

    I still struggle to understand what you and other successful ecommerce entrepreneurs do for 12 hours or 9 hours everyday

    Like I've created my store and optimized for the 2 products I'm selling and have started making almost a thousand a day

    I try to work more than 4 hours a day but I honestly don't see anything I could be doing for the remaining 4-8 hours to complete the 12 hours a day you talk about sometimes

  3. I've seen someone that made 1K profit from one product and now he says he's 'financially free'. This whole industry is flooded with little shitbags that never heard 'character' in their life and don't care about ripping off people's money, this whole industry is flooded with scammers. Never buy something from a person that is showing lambos, and rented airbnb's. That is why i appreciate you alex, you're honest and very genuine.

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