24 thoughts on “The truth about Audible “passive income” scams (2022)”

  1. Why not write 1 good compelling book and really push that? Same for youtube channel views make good content and you will grow. As for the percent you get it is even worse for streaming musicians, Peter Frampton had 65 million streams of his song and made $1700.00 dollars ….ugh

  2. With YouTube (Google) allowing scammers to advertise their frauds on their platform, I think there would be grounds to hold Google accountable for any losses incurred, with the argument being that in allowing them be be advertised on YouTube, Google is in fact de-facto endorsing these scams.

  3. These scams/scammers have been getting more and more audacious. Now we're getting "get rich quick" schemes, where they're essentially telling you to make your own MLM, and/or make fake products to SCAM OTHER PEOPLE. Like, could they be any more on the nose?? ??

    Thank you for this video!

  4. There is no way to make legitimate passive income without a product or service. Websites are platforms are using these people who often are paid to promote the "passive income" scam and you are gullible enough to fall for it. Greed is the main reason people never invest their regular income because they want to get "rich" by making 6000-10,000 dollars a month…um I make that a month in my normal job and most educated people with some experience do so this is always geared to the under 75,000 a year crowd that are scraping by.

    The classes they offer are webinar style and designed to make them the most money about you doing what they do…heard that before? look its been done in real estate forever…and if you want more money you need to offer a service to the public that they want and more important they need or a produce a product, real tangible or digital that they will want to buy. You need to patent it and sell it legitimately on a trusted sellers site. Millions of Americans have started their own small businesses since the end of the Great Depression and built real wealth in doing so, invested in their families, land, real estate, sound stocks, bonds, Roth IRA, IRA's, Mutual Funds and let the money make money. You can do that to with just research the best way for you with your current situation. For God's sake do not let the politicians and business leaders tell you what to do, take accountability and invest wisely and not just btch about your 401k going down or up from year to year.

    Happy Investing!

  5. Thanks for the thumb up in reference to Audible! What about E-Commerce business from Alex Albarran, do you have any experienced in it: the business is selling product online for Amazon?

  6. I’ve seen those commercials multiple times with “and it’s not just me! It’s also Lisa, Tonya, Chris, and Dave! But we all got it from Christian” like we know these people. “Check out my book” and “click here to begin my class where I’ll teach you…” have become the lines I wait for just before I click away. Thanks for discussing this. I’ve always wondered what it was about but thought it sounded too good to be true.

  7. I dont know bro.. I made 5 chatGPT books and I'm generating 2,000 a month from them on audible. Online Dating is really big right now and if you're giving GOOD game, you can make really good money. Btw.. never ever pay for someone to read your book!

  8. Very useful information. Thanks.
    My situation is I have a memoir of my life as a cab driver (titled: HACK: The Nigh Tours of an American Cabby) my question is– Could I publish this as an episodic audible or is that just an unrealistic long shot. I have a friend, Daniel Genis, who published a book on his 10 year prison bid titled "SENTENCE: Ten Years and a Thousand Books in Prison". Published by Viking Press, it is an extremely entertaining, gritty, moving memoir.
    It sold 10, 000 copies. Daniel was/is fairly devastated by this. I told him, "Viking knew what kind of market they were releasing "SENTENCE" into. By that I mean we are in or are entering a post literate age. If the book had been released in the "80's or 90's it probably would have been a big seller
    Just curious what you think– would it even be worth my while to consider the audio/ amazon route? Thank you.

  9. Ian… I am both a small time publisher on KDP and Audio Books publisher on (ACX) Audible…not going into details but you are 100% correct in your video you made. (I 2nd your opinion and the facts you pointed out) .. Making money on these platforms can be done BUT it's a slow process…takes times. Not a get quick Rich as these fraudsters advertise.. cheers

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