26 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Jungle Scout! (WATCH BEFORE BUYING)”

  1. The hook was to show free product search tool at the end and when it got to the end, we gotta watch another 5 hours video to find it out 🙄 … come on man !

  2. I signed up for a one month to try this out since I am new to the business. I only singed up for one and no chance would have ever committed to full year (who would). I saw my credit card was charged for a full year and 350.00 and they refuse to refund my money. This is the biggest ripoff I have ever seen. Do not try them.

  3. Customer experience. Jungle scout is unethical. I clicked on their monthly plan double checked what I was going to be charged and went ahead with trying out jungle scout for a month. They charged me the annual program and as of yet won't give me a refund for the difference. Horrible experience. I know your thinking we'll just make sure I click on the right program, I did and it still charged me the annual fee. If you go with please make sure they charge you the right amount.

  4. I respect the honesty, good work
    but really funny how you started the videos telling people about Youtube Gurus putting affiliation links, then by the end of the video you ask people to click on your affiliation links :p

  5. I think the people talking crap about the video are the same people who are going to be confused when it comes down to actually doing this.. it’s not hard you’re telling us everything up front with no filter, and at the same time making your living by being an affiliate they act like they wouldn’t do it lol if it’s another stream of income imma do it 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ they’re being haters. 😅😅 6:01

  6. Talking about "them" getting a cut, but you yourself are doing the same thing by your own links in your own description. And whats up with the "to build a mansion you dont need a hammer" … Of course, you need a hammer, you cannot build a mansion without tools to begin with.

  7. I don't understand. I saw your video where you actually recomended Jungle because you used to get a comission from affiliate. Why misguiding your dear viewers? Unsubscribed.

  8. Hi Travis, thanks for your good training. Can you tell me how to set up free shipping for canada from my seller central. I am selling from USA market and I want my products to buyers in Canada with free shipping.

  9. I dont think the 999 technique will be working anymore because there are some sellers that limited the Amount of products one can buy. but overall love your videos

  10. Best Travis, can you make video how you open in new market. Its few videos about this subject.
    For example Iam selling in Sweden and want start selling in Germany


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