24 thoughts on “The UGLY Truth About Shopify – My Unbiased Review”

  1. Shopify has the WORST customer support ever. It is absolutely appalling the run around the give you over a simple question. I found the solution to my problem. But it's a chunk of code i have to insert. If i knew how to code i would not be using shopify to build my store. DO NOT USE SHOPIFY. Their web builder is full of bugs and there's no one to talk to. It takes far too long to take care of a simple thing. If youre have an issue, hope it isnt costing you money… I'm moving all my products somewhere else as soon right now. They dont care about your time at all. They send you to a forum full of preset questions that are not the one you have and it never goes anywhere in a circle. It even asks "was this helpful" you click "no" and it just sends you back to the beginning of the not helpful set of questions that are mostly marketing for add ons. They just lost my business over two words not showing up on my mobile site. I cant fix it and they apparently don't care. Hands down, the worst customer service i have ever encountered.

  2. Do you have any video(s) on how to get customers or traffic to your webiste? I couldn't find one through all the scrolling. Just curious as I'm really looking into getting onto the dropshipping/ecommerce wagon. Thank you!

  3. @MyWifeQuitHerJobEcommerceChannel I watched this video and some of your other videos on Shopify alternatives. I was considering Shift4Shop but I'm ultimately looking for something that makes shopping from Instagram streamline and easy. Can Shift4Shop do this for me? Or will it require my shoppers to be redirected off app into their browser?

  4. Hello, I appreciate your honest opinion but, I am confused. On your older videos you mostly put Shopify on top the better choice. Is Etsy good for a new seller of herbal teas? Will people really see my product among those thousands who get more attention? I have seen many negative and positive. Their fees are high but, many still sell there. Shopify is good but, no one knows me yet. With Shopify, how do I get my first batch of customers? I do not use social media, only YouTube. Thanks, Steve.

  5. I don't get it.. why would you need a shopify? and what's the difference between having your shopping cart within your website and being redirected to a shopify? No major brand redirects you.. what's the point? It just screams "cheap" to me

  6. He who says he can, and he who says you cant are both usually right. Remember that when starting any business. Especially dropshipping. My life changed the day I got it going. Dropshipping can work for you as long as you work! Great video keep them coming!

  7. I’m need a basic website or landing page to give my brand credibility in case people search for it on the internet. My brand is very small at this point and only has a couple of products. I’m selling on Amazon and would like to send external traffic to my landing page or website. Then after getting their email address I want to send them to my Amazon listing or storefront using an attribution link to take advantage of the brand referral bonus. How should I go about this and which platform do you recommend Steve?

  8. Asalamalaikum brother thank you so much for this video. May Allah protect you and guide you to the right path Inshaa Allah. Much much appreciated for the video. God bless you and your family.

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