17 thoughts on “The UX/UI Portfolio that Landed me my First Job”

  1. thanks for this helpful video, really appreciate…
    I'm planning on creating a portfolio but I'm confused about something, do I need to creat a complete app or website (like a whole start to finish app/web) to add to my portfolio.
    I really home to get a response from you

  2. Started my new journey of becoming a UI designer this year. Really helpful to your advice and tips to create and showcase an effective portfolio. Wanted to ask for projects how much should we have on their and what type of projects?

  3. This is the portfolio review I was looking for. Clean, straight to the projects, contact fill-out on the bottom scroll, and I like the photos you integrated along side your explanation text in your projects (instead of a huge text block that no hiring manager is gonna read.) looked great dude!

  4. Loved watching this self-review of your portfolio, Sacha! It really gives a lot of valuable insight on how to appeal to companies through showcasing your range of skills and design styles! Love your concise and straight-to-the-point approach to portfolio creation.

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