7 thoughts on “Things to Know Before Starting Amazon FBA”

  1. Can Amazon ask for invoices at ANY time? Even after you have your 10 items with an invoice from a wholesaler and are then using retail/online arbitrage?

  2. You’re absolutely spot on with the 3rd point, found and listed my first product weeks ago when there was only 2 sellers, now there are 18 sellers in such a short space of time. Buy box price has been going lower and lower and now sitting at the break even point with loads of stock listed at that price so no point even trying to get the sales at that price.
    Lesson learned tho, when selecting my product it was the first one on the clearance section of Smyth’s, probably should look a little deeper as everyone seems to have the same idea on it ??‍♂️ but we move….

  3. Been watching loads of your videos lately as they are very helpful and really I want to start Amazon FBA!

    I am self employed and have a UTR number but just wondering do i need to be VAT registered to sell as well ?

    Thank you in advance

  4. Just wanted to point out things about this video which is all true. I am a amazon seller myself and ive been selling for 2 years now and im still trying to get ahead!

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