21 thoughts on “This “Best Selling” Amazon Tech is AWFUL”

  1. Sometimes, things just get a 5 star review because they are cheap and work. If it is something you wont use very often then it does not need to have 5 star quality. Like cheap wireless earbuds i use at work. They will get dirty and break anyway, as long as i can use them i do not care.

  2. Amazon has become 90% chinesium crap. Everything there is some ridiculous name like PLOOSLUNG or GANGKIDDY and its all the same 3 items per category with different logos.

  3. my headphones i got from amazon cost £19.99 and were rated water resistant, had them for almost two years now and still holding well, i can also say they are water resistant as being british its wet here and ive dropped the right down the bog twice an still works fine =] also had that logitech controller in 2006 but it was the previous version which had 1234 insted of abxy, still also works today

  4. Tozo earbuds are literally the best bang for your buck. Idk what you're talking about man. You either didn't have them seated in my ears right or your phone has shitty quality Bluetooth.

  5. I bought that bengo headset YEARRRRRS ago. It broke instantly, I left a bad review and the guy emailed me telling me if I put a good review he would refund me AND give me more stuff. I hated it so I said no

  6. 12:40 tozo is actually a great brand and he forgot to mention it has wireless charging. They lasted me for 3 to 4 years and they were great charged them 1 once every 10 to 12 days and i wemt to the gym 1 to 3 hours 5 times a week i sweat alot and they never failed me .

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