28 thoughts on “This Scammer “Scammed” Himself | Fake Listings on Reverb Warning”

  1. These are the reason why i travel to a guitar super store in the closest biggest city near me. I just like to see the item in person these and then. It never fails! My current amp, guitars are all from there! They also know me. Love the banter as well!

  2. I dont know about reverb but i was scammed by a seller on eBay who had excellent reviews over 60 reviews. He sold cheap stuff like CDs to get the good reviews then ripped off people on big sales. Luckily he tried ripping off someone iin his own town so rhe local police got involved and thanks to good detective work he got busted, and because i had sent him a money order it registered in his bank account, i got my money back after his conviction. His lawyers office sent me a check for 800 bucks. Never used eBay again.

  3. The Red Les Paul was ABSOLUTELY refinished, and by an amateur. The orange peel in the reflections is off the chart and the serial number is hard to read because the finish has just been glooped on there. Who'd attempt to refin a guitar like that with no knowledge or experience? Painful to see. Buy a Harley Benton if you want to mess around with refinishing, not a Gibson.

  4. Thank you Trogly! Scammers are a real plague.May they rot in a place where the only guitar that's there have electronics that don't work! And the neck is falling out!

  5. Its crazy how far some of them go, had someone edit in a hand holding a note with my name on it which was definitly fake but i bet some people fall for that.

  6. The Firebird VII wasn't a custom color and it wasn't Burgundy Mist. The finish is called "Heather Poly" and not uncommon on Firebirds (I have three). I saw the same Reverb listing last week. I think Burgundy Mist is a Fender color… but maybe I'm wrong…

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